Specialty Chemicals

Polymerization Inhibitors

Polymerization is initiated by free radicals. The function of an inhibitor is to tie up these free radicals by reacting with them to form stable compounds. KBG's polymerization inhibitors form these stable compounds in the presence of oxygen. The free radical reacts with oxygen to form a peroxy-free radical. The inhibitor reacts with this peroxy-free radical to form a free radical complex. The complex then reacts with another peroxy-free radical to form stable compounds.

KBG offers a series of polymerization inhibitors that are practical storage and in-process inhibitors when used by themselves or in combinations. Inhibitor selection should be based on evaluation in your specific system.

200kg/drum, road tank lorry or other packing on request.
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Chemical Name Product Name Chemical Formula Molecular Weight Flash Point(℃) EINECS No. CAS No.
4-Hydroxy-TEMPO SFR
(Stable Free Radical)
IHP 172.24 146 218-760-9 2226-96-2
(Stable Free Radical)
IOP 170.23 109.5 220-778-7 2896-70-0
2-Sec-butyl-4,6-Dinitrophenol IBP 240.21 >100 201-861-7 88-85-7
4,6-Dinitro-o-cresol DNOC 198.13 149.2 208-601-1 534-52-1
2,6-Dinitro-p-cresol DNPC 198.13 117.7 210-203-8 609-93-8
p-Nitrosophenol ISP 123.11 114.6 203-251-6 104-91-6
Phenothiazine PTZ 199.27 178.2 202-196-5 92-84-2
Monomethyl Ether
MEHQ 124.14 133 205-769-8 150-76-5
Effective Mixture of
Retarder and Inhibitior