Personnel Management System

Reward System

As a fair evaluation and compensation system, KBG rewards with recognition and compensation for achievements.

Basic salary system
KBG has a basic salary system that is common to all employees according to their individual duties and capabilities.
Incentive system
KBG operates a fair compensation system based on the individual performance and organizational performance.
Education & Training
KBG provides better capacity development and training opportunities to support personal growth along with the company’s growth.

Welfare Benefits

KBG pursues a more stable, high-quality life for its employees through the various benefits package.

Salary and allowance related
Annuity insurance : National pension, Employment insurance, Occupational health and safety insurance, Health insurance, Retirement pension.
Salary system : Regular bonus, Long-term employee awards, Excellent employee awards.
Allowance system : Night shift allowance, Allowance for extra work, Allowance for the post attached, Allowance for certificate
Medical and health promotion support
Regular medical examination
Vaccination (Influenza, Shingles, hepatitis B, tetanus)
Support for physical training expenses
Housing and life safety support
Housing support : Company housing, dormitory support
School expenses support : Support for children’s school expenses (elementary school, middle school, high school)
Congratulations and condolences support : Money gift for wedding and childbirth, Condolence money,
Leisure activities support
Vacation system : Annual/Monthly leave, Sandwich day leave, Congratulation/Condolence leave
Recreation facilities operation : Usage rights for condominium/resort membership
Overseas travel with employees : Overseas package tour with employees